Two pictures of a woman getting a massage before and after.

Tips to Maximize Body Contouring Results

Excess body skin after major weight loss is a problem you can’t easily solve on your own. Non-invasive body contouring procedures, like body wraps, can help firm your skin and boost your overall appearance. Body contouring doesn’t pose complications like hypoglycemia, nausea, extreme body pain, and ulcers. Also, body contouring is cost-effective, more comfortable, and provides long-lasting results.

Although body contouring provides good results, a few tips can help you maximize the benefits. If you intend to undergo non-invasive body contouring, this blog has post-procedure advice on how you’ll maximize the results. Read on to discover a few tips that can help you improve your body contouring wrap results.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Your skin needs to remain elastic and strong after you undergo a body contouring procedure. Unfortunately, exposure to the sun will affect the tissues under your skin and weaken it in the end. The sun contains ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin laxity or looseness and slow your recovery after the procedure.

You can avoid sun exposure by covering your skin with proper clothing and avoiding hours when the sun is at its peak. Such tricks will ensure your skin remains tight and healthy for an extended period.

Improve on Your Body Exercises

While workouts are a good idea, you should not go to the gym immediately after a body contouring procedure. Wait a few days before you hit the gym to ensure the removal of metabolic toxins from your body. Also, this will aid the recovery of your muscles after body contouring wraps.

What you wear during workouts after a body contouring procedure also matters. To prevent skin soreness and enjoy comfort, put on loose clothing.

Get Massaged Properly

Massage is vital for better results after a non-invasive body contouring procedure. Lymphatic massage is the best option as it helps the body quickly eliminate the broken-down dead fat cells. But the massage must not involve a lot of pressure as it may hinder lymphatic drainage and smooth blood flow in the body.

While DIY massage is good, an expert is the best option as they use gentle techniques. Gentle techniques will activate your lymphatic system and quicken lymphatic drainage.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Without a healthy diet, you can’t enjoy a healthy lifestyle, which is key to extended body contouring results. The foods you eat after a body contouring wrap must be free from nutrients that can increase your body weight. Also, the foods must have nutrients that will boost the strength and elasticity of your skin tissues.
Foods rich in protein, like eggs and fish, and those rich in vitamins, like fruits and vegetables, are the best after body wraps.

Skip Salty Foods and Alcohol

Body contouring procedures can put your body in an acute (short-lived) inflammatory condition. Because of such a condition, your body can easily swell or bloat when you consume salty foods or alcoholic drinks. Avoid alcohol and salty foods for a couple of days after a body contouring procedure.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Your body needs adequate water to quickly flush out dead fat cells after a body contouring wrap. Drinking water will help activate your lymphatic system and get rid of the cells from the body much faster. Note that you should adequately hydrate your body during and after the body contouring procedure.

An experienced massage therapist will offer you a body contouring massage and enlighten you on how to maximize the results. If you want the best body contouring wrap, call us today at Massage Solutions LLC. We are reputable with over 26 years of experience that you can trust for quality service and outcomes.