Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage Services in Atlanta, GA



Performed after surgery, post surgical lymphatic drainage may be used for any type of recovery process from surgery and aids in the healing process. Depending upon the type of surgery performed, post surgical lymphatic drainage will be customized to your needs. Some examples of where post surgical lymphatic drainage is used would be breast cancer patients, plastic surgery patients, lyposuction, and pregnancy, just to name a few.

Lymphatic drainage massage can ease the symptoms of allergies, menstrual cramps, sinusitis, colds, and other viruses. It also promotes healing of scar tissue and is often recommended as part of post-surgical recovery.

Massage Solutions offers a unique therapeutic and natural solution to healing. I have benefited greatly from the massage work Diane has done for me making my liposuction surgery a total success. She utilizes specialized equipment to assist her in achieving results that are impressive. The targeted approach used ensures that I leave every time feeling better than when I arrived. I appreciate her professionalism, comfortable treatment room, specialized hot/cold therapy and her extensive knowledge as she massages away on me! Diane, thank you so much!
– Susan S.

Your lymphatic system is key to your overall health. Among other things, it produces monocytes and lymphocytes, the cells that are a part of your immune system.

Lymph vessels, bundles of cells known as lymph nodes, and certain organs make up your lymphatic system, and lymph fluid runs through it. Lymphatic fluid serves two functions, both delivering nutrients to cells, and clearing metabolic waste and foreign objects from them.

When lymph fluid isn’t properly circulating through your system, your lymph nodes and surrounding tissue may become swollen, and your body becomes more susceptible to infection. During a lymphatic drainage massage, I use gentle, rhythmic movements to improve circulation and release toxins that can accumulate in your lymphatic tissue. It’s really a holistic way to maintain or boost your overall health.