Testimonials / Referrals

As a surgeon, I am constantly demanding my back and neck to be in positions that aren’t always comfortable for lengthy periods of time. In the past, I suffered from tension headaches and generalized soreness because of this. Since I started seeing Diane for Neuromuscular Massage, I have not had a headache and feel more relaxed, loose, and pain-free, even after a long surgery. Diane is a powerhouse and her therapy has in turn helped me to take better care of my patients and enjoy the other activities in my life more!
– Dr. B.

I have been a client of numerous massage therapists in the past, as I have suffered with back pain off and on since the age of 12. My experiences have been variable, but I must say, Diane is among the best. She is amazingly knowledgeable and doggedly determined to get to the bottom of the problems I present her. I have benefitted greatly from her approach with both neuromuscular massage and myofascial release. As a physician, I have been very impressed with her professionalism and medical acumen. I recommend her wholeheartedly to all.
– Dr. M.

We refer clients to Diane for massage following such surgical procedures as Slimlipo, Abdominoplasty, and overall wellness. She is essential to their optimal healing and results. Our clients love the warm, welcoming environment of Diane’s business. Diane also offers chair massages to both our employees in office, which is a welcome treat and quick pick me up. Diane is a highly skilled professional, and we recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful experience to help alleviate muscle pain or just an overall pleasant massage as a treat to one’s self.
– The Office of Dr. Marisa Lawrence

Diane’s therapy has helped me tremendously with pain in my neck and back. As a physician, I am impressed with her knowledge of anatomy. She knows how to work systematically on all of the muscle insertion points. Her treatments relieve pain and soreness, and have given me greater range of motion; this helps me do my job better as a surgeon. I do feel that her therapy is an important part of injury prevention and will help preserve my future career.
– Dr. J.

Diane provided chair massages for our Doctors’ Day celebration and I found her to be very professional. The doctors were obviously impressed with her skill and knowledge. I would definitely use Diane (Massage Solutions) again at future events.
– Judy Womack, Regional Manager, Physician Services

Massage Solutions offers a unique therapeutic and natural solution to healing. I have benefited greatly from the massage work Diane has done for me making my liposuction surgery a total success. She utilizes specialized equipment to assist her in achieving results that are impressive. The targeted approach used ensures that I leave every time feeling better than when I arrived. I appreciate her professionalism, comfortable treatment room, specialized hot/cold therapy and her extensive knowledge as she massages away on me! Diane, thank you so much!
– Susan S.

I went to Diane for the first time for a Fertility Massage and it worked for me! Like many of you, my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for some time, and then started to come to Diane, and getting pregnant was a wonderful surprise! Since it can’t hurt, I encourage you to try a massage during your ovulation time. Hopefully, it will bring you the same positive results it brought me. Thanks to you Diane!
– Jing

I had been experiencing horrible neck and upper back pain for months. I was in so much pain that I had stopped working out. I was given Diane’s name by a friend who said, “It sounds like you need Diane”. From the moment I spoke to Diane on the phone, I knew relief was on the way. Diane’s calming nature and incredible massage techniques are the perfect combination. Her gentle ways combined with her incredible strength helped me to heal quickly. I know look forward to my hours with her because I know I will leave feeling great relief and comfort. She has given me the confidence and assurance to know that my neck and back will repair and I will work out again.
– Edye Cohen

By education, I am a nurse but my occupation is being a professional model. It was pertinent that I see someone specifically for lymphatic massage after a recent surgery affecting large areas of my body. Diane not only has extensive knowledge regarding lymphatic massage, but about human anatomy, it’s physiology, and it’s recovery process. It was clear from the start that she was very therapeutic, professional, and client focused. She started treating me a week after surgery and has greatly improved my swelling, tenderness, and mobility, while actually accelerating my healing. She listens to my needs and can determine what areas need more attention than others. It’s obvious she puts her heart in her work and truly enjoys helping other people. I would recommend Diane to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, caring, dedicated, holistic therapist. Personally, I cannot wait to start utilizing her other massage techniques after my body has healed.
– Brandi R.

I have been a client of Diane for almost 4 years. During this past year, I was pregnant with my first child. I had consistent upper and lower back pain. Diane performed several prenatal massages and helped alleviate the pain I was experiencing. I can’t thank her enough for her help during those tough few months. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone experiencing back pain.
– Ann Simpson

This is my first pregnancy, and I had heard from talking to my friends that prenatal massage provides many benefits for both the mother and child. But, I had no idea where to start my search for a qualified professional. I didn’t want to go to the local day spa – I wanted an experienced prenatal massage therapist who could work with me through the next 9 months and beyond. Then I discovered Diane’s website. I found it to be informative and professional. Based on her experience, I felt like she was a woman I could trust. I spoke to her on the phone and set an appointment.

From the moment I walked through Diane’s door, I knew she was exactly who I was meant to find. She is a warm, inviting person and someone who I felt, right from the beginning, genuinely cared about helping me and my baby. During my first prenatal massage with Diane, she talked me through the process and helped ease some pain in my neck and shoulders and massaged my tired feet and already swollen ankles. I’m about 18 weeks pregnant now, and I’m so happy to have met Diane. I know that the rest of my pregnancy and after my baby arrives will be much easier on my body thanks to her!
– Kristin Hall, Atlanta GA

For anyone battling infertility, the testing and procedures can be stressful and tough. Western medicine has made many strides in recent years, however I was searching for other treatment to complement my medical doctor. In my search I found Fertility Massage and Diane Vecchiarelli. Not that stress alone causes infertility, but it made sense that when the mind and body (hormonally and physically) work together, that is definitely most optimal. Diane is a well-trained professional that listens to your individual needs. Her calming spirit makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as if you’re with an old friend.

I used her services the day before an assisted reproduction procedure and I could instantly tell that Diane’s method of massage helped increase blood flow to the reproductive organs while also using acupressure to stimulate the body and release stress. I know that after my fertility massage, my mind was relaxed and my body was toned, calm and receptive to conception.

I would definitely recommend Diane to others looking to prepare the mind and body for fertility. Thank you, Diane!
– LaTanya S.

I recently tried LipoSlim, and LOVED it! I can’t wait to go back to get another wrap! It works so well! I lost a total of about 8 inches my first time. When I put my jeans back on afterwards, they were so loose that I had to hold them up! Diane made the experience. She knew what she was doing and was very comforting about it. She never left me feeling unsure. This is a totally safe process and has absolutely no down sides. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
– Alex

I was a client of Diane’s after having my second baby. After giving birth via C-Section at 40 years old, I was looking for someone who was certified in postpartum massages and found Diane. I suffered from severe edema postpartum which resulted in carpel tunnel pain in my hands and a great deal of water retention in my legs, feet, and hands. Through Diane’s healing hands, I was able to get rid of all the water and alleviate my pain from the carpel tunnel, which made holding my newborn without pain possible. If I had not found Diane, it would have taken me months vs. weeks for recovery. Diane’s work on my shoulders also helps alleviate the pain and tension caused from breastfeeding, which makes feeding my baby more enjoyable.
– Lisa Dickson

Being a client of Diane’s has truly been a pleasure. It is refreshing to know that a therapist certified in neuromuscular massage is so thorough and effective. I am a physical therapist and have great confidence and appreciation in Diane’s knowledge and understanding of the human body. Anytime I have a soft tissue issue, I see Diane and end up walking out feeling like a new person with definite relief of my symptoms. I recommended her to all of my patients that would benefit from her services.
– Michelle Hamby, MPT

I was a client of Diane’s during my second pregnancy, and my visits with her were a must! Not only was it helpful and relaxing, but Diane truly knew how to ease the normal aches and pains of pregnancy while being aware of my body’s limits. Prenatal massage was helpful to me in reducing swelling and lower back pain. I continue to see Diane on a regular basis for Mommy massages.
– Mara Berman

If we could only bottle what you do we would both get rich! The pain in my left shoulder was so severe, it would jolt me out of my sleep at night. It came and went with no predictable timing, day or night. To say it hurt would be an understatement. In a matter of weeks the change was remarkable. Now after my eighth session, the pain is gone. You have magic in your hands! I look forward to each new visit. I leave feeling wonderful. Thank you for all you have done for my daily well being.
– Mike Sears

I am a 59 year man who is a regular client of Diane Vecchiarelli. Thanks to her massages, I am able to play tennis and/or golf every day without pain, soreness, or Advil! I am a firm believer that massage keeps you young and strong and able to stay fit as you get older. Also, I feel it keeps the minor nagging injuries away. Diane can really get into your muscles and keep them in tip-top shape.
– Jeff Jacobson

The work Diane has been doing for me in helping me manage my migraines and teaching me about the potential neuromuscular connections to the headaches has really helped me in finding relief. She works hard to find the best solutions for her clients through her experience and knowledge. I feel lucky to have found her for my therapy.
– Greg Myers

When I decided to have massage therapy after my surgery, Diane exceeded my expectations! Her years of experience, vast knowledge of the body, and her great passion in her field have been the reason for my success in healing. I have had several massage therapies with Diane, and each visit has been well worth it. I highly recommend her services.
– Cindy C.

Diane has been a tremendous asset to my running program. I was training for my first marathon when I started seeing Diane. As the miles started increasing, so did the tightness and pain associated with all those extra miles. Diane helped to alleviate all that stress and keep my muscles feeling elongated so I could focus on seeing my training plan out. Now I could not imagine training for a marathon without her as an integral part of my preparation.
– Pete Eckman

I have had the pleasure of seeing Diane for the last two years. My first impressions of her had to do with the incredible level of professionalism and knowledge that she displayed to me. Diane quickly identified my problem areas and explained exactly how she was going to address them. Over time, I have also learned that she continues to enhance her level of education through additional readings, class work, and seminars, along with maintaining her membership in her professional organization.

Diane’s excellence in her clinical approach is complimented by her wonderful ‘tableside’ manner. Diane is a warm and caring individual and has a unique ability to create a safe and comfortable environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Diane’s services to anyone and have, in fact, referred many of my friends to her.
– Heather Fowler

The arthritis in my neck had gotten so painful I was having trouble moving my head, and I had a terrible shooting pain in my right arm. The pain meds were tearing up my stomach, but the pain was so intense I couldn’t work without taking something. My doctor suggested I see Diane. The only massage I had ever had was in a spa that was a little too “new age” for my taste. But I thought, what the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose. Diane was more like seeing a doctor or a physical therapist. Within a few sessions, I was much improved and back on the computer for hours at a time. I try to see Diane once a week or every ten days. If I miss too many weeks, my neck gets stiff as a board and I start having trouble working. I’ve even started painting, something I wouldn’t be able to do if my neck and shoulder were hurting!
– Cindy Perego Erni, Freelance art director/designer

For many years I have relied on neuromuscular massage therapists to relieve my muscle pain and tightness. While some were very good, none approached Diane’s effectiveness. Talented, strong, considerate and conscientious, Diane identifies and attacks the problem areas and diligently works to produce long lasting results. Not only has she alleviated my muscle pain, but she has also helped to restore long lost flexibility and range of motion. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone in need of neuromuscular massage therapy.
– Robert Parker

Diane has a special gift. What a beautiful way to heal your body the natural way – through massage. Diane has healing hands, and her kind words put your mind at ease. I came to Diane after having slim lipo and needed help smoothing out surgery sites. The results were great.
– Denise

When you meet Diane you will quickly see that she has a true love for her profession. Both her love and enthusiasm for massage, compliment her dedication and extensive knowledge of the art. On every visit, Diane finds which muscles are tight and need extra attention, and she is able to make the tightness disappear. Also, I find that going to Diane’s is much nicer than going to your typical massage chain because her place is warm and comforting and she remembers the needs of each client. I can’t recommend Diane enough. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with her; your body will THANK YOU.
– Alex Brumlik

Diane has proven to be very beneficial to my overall health through her deep tissue massage therapy in two primary ways. First by relieving the work-related stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. And second by addressing exercise related injuries in my back and legs as I attempt to push my almost 50 year old body to stay in shape. She has become a very welcome and needed ritual in my weekly routine.
– Vic Riden

I am delighted to describe my experience with Diane because she is the most professional, experienced, and truly gifted massage therapist I have ever worked with. After many years as a psychotherapist and consumer of massage, I recognize high quality health support. Diane manages to be focused and strategic while being very kind and gentle.
– Byron Filman, PhD

I think working with Diane has helped me develop a better body image, gradually losing weight I had gained in response to a chronic arthritis. As she helps me reduce my pain, I am in touch with overall well being and am eating well and increasing my exercise. Diane is thoughtful, loving, and has a great sense of humor. My whole family appreciates Diane’s help, and I have great confidence in her.
– Peg Filman

I first went to Diane Vecchiarelli two years ago after an automobile accident when someone ran into the back of my car, resulting in what my doctor referred to as a whiplash. Diane’s neuromuscular massage treatment for my neck and back injury was amazing. I was in excruciating pain, and her therapy made possible for me to continue my professional responsibilities.

I continue to use her neuromuscular massage therapy for maintenance for the normal stress and strain on my body — I’m 75 years old . I recently went through a knee replacement, and found this neuromuscular massage of benefit for the challenges of hospital stay and adjustment after surgery recovery.

I highly recommend Diane to anyone who is in pain!
– Harlon E. Jaye

Diane has been a godsend to me, especially in improving the problems I experience with my neck and shoulders. Compared to other neuromuscular therapists I have been to in the past, Diane is focused and committed to making the most of each session. She targets the areas that need the most attention and then uses the right mix of power and focus, always with great concern for my comfort.

Diane’s heart is present in her work and each session I benefit from her desire to give her best. I would recommend her without reservation.
– Judy Womack

I first went to Diane Vecchiarelli three years ago after our office moved from one floor to the next in the building where she worked with physicians. I had an automobile accident 25 years ago, and at that time after many treatments by doctors and chiropractors finally found a neuromuscular massage therapist that relieved my pain — after 2 years of excruciating pain.

After this past experience, I was delighted to find someone in my office building that was a neuromuscular massage therapist — and Diane is the best I have ever been fortunate to have work with me — I have been treated by 6 or 7 people over the past years.

Diane worked with me through this injury, and continues to work with me through many other challenges over the years. I’m just fortunate for her help and benefit in my health care.

I also have a bed & breakfast in Inman Park and refer her to guests. Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about my wonderful experience with her neuromuscular massage therapy!
– Sandra Heartfield

I have been going to Diane for several years now for my upper back problem. Diane has great credentials, but what set her apart from other massage therapists is her knowledge of human muscles; she is able to find my problem spots right away and work it. She is strong and really gets deep in the muscles where needed. No one else that has worked on me in the past was able to do that. It’s like scratching an itch that you are finally able to reach. She is great; I recommended her to all my friends.
– Alison

Diane has been my massage therapist since I had an automobile accident in 2004. Diane’s massages were crucial to my physical rehabilitation, and I have been a client ever since. Regular massage therapy has been important to my physical well-being, and Diane is simply an excellent therapist.
– Lynn

After years of minor sports injuries, I began to notice a loss of flexibility and motion which affected my quality of life. Doctors offered invasive exploratory surgery with no assurance, and Diane offered massage therapy as an alternative.

The effects have been overwhelming, as I am well on my way to regaining both my flexibility and range of motion. This was the right decision and my only regret is that I did not make it years earlier. Diane put together a great program and has helped me achieve my goals. I recommend Diane to anyone who has considered massage therapy in an effort to improve their quality of life.
– Kent Goff

I have been a client of Diane Vecchiarelli for several years now. I find my visits to her very relaxing and soothing, not to mention how much better I feel when I leave. Diane’s knowledge of the names of the muscles and the role they play in the human body helps me understand why I have pain and how she relieves the pain. Diane also knows the right amount of pressure to apply to get the “kinks” out as well as helps me to relax. I also find myself being much healthier, and if I do get sick, I have a milder illness. Diane listens to me when I tell her about where I hurt or what I did to acquire the pain and then she goes right to work to help relieve the pain.

I love my visits to Diane!!
– M.S.G.

I have been Diane’s client for over three years. During that time, I have had eight significant surgeries, including a complete non-laparoscopic hysterectomy, a bilateral mastectomy, and breast reconstruction. Diane has made an enormous difference in my ability to recover — mentally and physically — from these surgeries. Even when I was physically unable to climb up on the massage table, Diane found creative ways to work on me and to keep any long-term negative effects of these surgeries at bay. Throughout my treatment for breast cancer, Diane’s great work has vastly improved my overall health and quality of life, and she deserves a good measure of the credit for my excellent health and well-being just a couple of months past my last reconstructive surgery. Diane is a consummate professional, is thoroughly knowledgeable about her work, and always puts the needs and comfort of her clients first. I simply could not recommend anyone more highly.
– Candace

I began seeing Diane about two years ago for shoulder and neck pain, and she has greatly improved my quality of life. My back pain began in adolescence due to poor posture and a large chest. When I first met Diane, I was in Physical Therapy for the pain and on the verge of scheduling breast reduction surgery per the advice of my Physician. Within several weeks of seeing her, my pain was reduced dramatically and the flexibility and range of motion in my neck was almost back to a normal. I stopped taking Ibuprofen on a daily basis and no longer have flare ups that require muscle relaxers and ice. I have also elected not to have the reduction surgery because my pain is now manageable.

I have seen many massage therapists over the years, and Diane is hands down the best I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy and an intuition for which muscles are causing the problem — she uses both to provide immediate and long lasting relief. Diane is always thinking strategically about providing a long term solution for muscle problems.

On top of all this, I must say that Diane is a truly wonderful person who I am privileged to know. She is passionate about her work and genuinely concerned about others. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief for muscle pain and tension.
– Allison Sweenie

I would definitely recommend Diane to anyone who has has cosmetic surgery. Her sessions helped my swelling go down significantly quicker than it was supposed to. She is also extremely sweet and always made sure I was comfortable. I was afraid before our first session that it would hurt but to my surprise it actually felt kind of good as she helped my body get rid of the fluid. She has a very flexible schedule and we never had scheduling problems. If you want less swelling and no ‘lumps’ after your surgery, then you want Diane.
– Anonymous

I did a lypossage treatment with Diane. I lost 13.25 total inches around my body. Diane made me feel very comfortable and relax. I listened to music and just went to sleep. When I woke up I felt lighter and refreshed. I am excited for my next session!
– A Happy Client