G5 Lypossage 3-Zone Massage Machine

The New Generation of Lypossage® Technology

G5 Lypossage Machine
G5 Lypossage Machine

G5 Lypossage® 3-Zone Massage Machine provides a new, high-tech approach to the field of body contouring.

FDA Approved for:

  • Relief of muscle pains and spasms in muscle contusions, sprains and strains
  • To provide passive exercise to paralyzed muscles
  • To aid in mobilizing edema fluid in swollen extremities
  • To aid in the prevention of muscle fatigue and stiffness in heavily exercised muscles
  • To aid in breaking down adhesions between superficial and deep tissues as in scars
  • To loosen bronchial secretions during postural drainage procedures
  • To aid in maintaining joint mobility and reduction in periscapular adhesions and joint edema
  • To aid in reducing trigger points
  • To aid in maintaining muscle tone and circulation in hemiplegics
  • To reduce the appearance of cellulite